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08:53pm 10/04/2006
  250g butter (at room temperature)
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups plain flour

1/2 cup plain flour for rolling

Mix together ingredients. Option extras include vanilla essence, chocolate chips, chopped walnuts or pecans. Roll out and use cookie cutters, or simply roll small balls with the palms of your hands and squash down with a fork. Use a flat tray lined with bakig paper. Bake at 170*C for 8-15 minutes depending on thickness. Done when they turn a light golden colour.

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Baked cheesecake 
08:28pm 10/04/2006
mood: cheerful
750g cream cheese (3 packs) (room temperature)
1 cup sugar
1-2 teaspoons lemon or orange zest
squeeze of lemon or orange juice
4 eggs

crushed Nice or milk arrowroot biscuits and melted butter to make the base

Crush biscuits and add melted butter until sticky. Press into bottom and sides of lined and greased pan. Set aside in fridge.
Beat together cream cheese, zest and sugar (you can do it by hand if you're a masochist like me, but an electric mixer is reccomended). Add eggs one at a time until smooth and creamy. Nutmeg and cinnamon are also great with this if you want to add any. Pour into prepared pan.

Bake at 150*C for 1 3/4 hours. Top should be risen slightly in the centre and cracked, and slightly coloured. It should spring back when gently pushed in the centre. Leave to cool in oven before turning onto a plate (rack will break up the crust). Serve with cream and/ or icecream.

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Con Tonno 
04:35pm 10/04/2006
mood: hungry
Fry onions and garlic, throw in tin of tuna, throw in tomatoes (tinned now 'coz real ones are crap), throw in herbs, reduce a bit, serve with penne or other pasta.

Can also splash wine in.
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Vegetarian quiche 
06:04pm 28/03/2006
  Defrost 1 250g package of frozen spinach and squeeze out the majority of the water. Dice capsicum, mushroom, onion and feta and stir through. Olives are optional. Whisk 4-6 eggs together with pepper and herbs to taste (I use oregano, cumin and coriander). Don't add salt, the feta is salty enough. Combine egg and vegetable mix.

Line an oiled quiche or pie pan with puff pastry. Pour in mix, decorate with pastry lattice if desired. Bake at 180*C for approximately 35 minutes, or until quiche is firm, slightly browned and starts to rise in the center.

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Spagetti bolognese 
07:03pm 10/03/2006
  Dice half a small brown onion and a large clove of garlic, sweat in olive oil until golden. Add beef mince (150-200g per person) and keep stirring to brown evenly. Add olives (kalamata are best, or australian blood olives) and preferred tomato base. Pepper and herbs to taste (I use basil, rosemary, oregano and cumin) and cook on low heat until sauce is reduced and pasta is al dente. Serve with parmesan and fresh parsley.  
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15th C eggs on toast 
08:51am 10/03/2006
  This is very rich, very luscious for breakfast or lunch or dinner or late at night. Genuine 15th century Italian dish, possibly older:

Fry up some eggs in a pan, put them aside. In the same oil (olive, of course) saute some onions. Slop in some red wine, and a dollop of mustard. Reduce a little. Dip some thick slices of bread in to soak up some of the juice. Reduce a bit more. Put the eggs on the bread, and pour the wine/mustard/onions over the top.

This is very quick to prepare - only a few minutes, literally - so don't walk away while you're reducing the sauce or you wind up with caramelised muck.
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Greetings and salutations 
12:41am 10/03/2006
mood: accomplished
And so we have the mandatory introductory post. I've been thinking about making this community for some time now and given that so far today I have made both pizza and caramalized stewed apple I thought it appropriate. So here we go- my name is Jess, my specialty is Lemon-Coconut Cake and I also dabble in period cookery for my medieval re-enactment group.

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Anyway, welcome everyone, and enjoy!
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